30' by 40' Stage Rental


    If you are looking for an easy alternative to the old fashioned stage systems, then this is the stage for you. This 32' by 42' roof is covering a stage that is normally 35' by 48' but can be made any size.
    Real scaffolding towers with 8000 pounds of load bearing capacity per corner support this roof. Gone are the old, small, spindly leg systems that can fall over in a wind. Every piece of the stage, towers, or roof can be handled by one man. Never again will your set up crew have to fight the old 4 man per piece stage decks our competitors use.
    This picture is of the same 32' by 42' roof over a deck that is 45' by 75' in Newport, Arkansas. With the speaker wings on the sides the overall width can be about 100' which gives you a very large and impressive visual look.
    This is one of our 32' by 42' roof systems over a permanent concrete stage in Eldon, Iowa. The fair had a 40' by 60' deck and we provided the roof to cover their deck.
    A first time concert for the Fair in Hohenwald, Tennessee used a 32' by 42' roof covering a 35' by 70' deck. It also had sound wings beyond that. This is a typical great, yet minimum size when you have 2 national country acts as it has room for 2 complete drum risers and room for 2 separate monitor deck/tents.
    A complete REAL stage that can be completely assembled in one day.
    The entire roof, deck, and options arrive in one semi truck for efficiency. You will save many hours of labor costs with this stage.
    LOVERB-1 - (Note: Click image for larger view)


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