45' by 70' Stage Rental


    If you are looking for a stage for a very large concert at your event then this is the one you have been looking for. This 40' by 40' roof system covers a 45' by 70' deck up to a 60' by 120' deck. The deck can be made any size you need. Very solid, level and safe.
    This deck is a patented aluminum frame with the plywood covering supported on scaffolding. The entire stage is designed so that there is no one piece that one man cannot carry. Gone are the days of the old 4 man per piece sections of decking. With the strength being in the aluminum under framing, it is not only quick and light but very sturdy. No give or bouncing when you walk over it. Sections fit so well you can roll a road case or guitar amplifier across the stage with no problem.


With optional speaker fly bays shown here, F.O.H.  positions, drum risers, etc., it can be configured to fill the rider of most any artist. Please call us for more specific information.

    When the Harley Davidson motorcycle company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin recently had their 100th anniversary of being in business we were more than happy to provide the stage.
    This picture is of the 42' by 42' roof over a permanent concrete stage at the Wisconsin Valley Fair. The deck was 40' by 60' and we provided the roof and the fly bays for the flown speakers.
    All company owned trucks will arrive on time, clean, and represent your event in a first class manner.


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