Custom Truck and Trailer Projects


Two years ago we provided a stage to the Acts organization that worked out for them so well, they commissioned us to build a bigger one for them. This unit is not only a 14’ by 32’ performing stage but also has a 4’ slide out on the rear, and a complete sound and lighting package with it. The front 10’ is a soundproof audio video production room with splitter to feed media truck such as CNN, TV networks etc.

    Once their logos were installed, this unit is not only a fully functioning production unit but a rolling billboard as well.

The 4’ slide out on the rear side offer much more room right where it is needed for the drummer and all back line entertainers.

    Both sides of the unit have tons of storage. With the entire trailer built of aluminum, this unit will last virtually forever.
    This next project is a custom-built racecar hauler. A standard 24’ Ryder rental truck was delivered, we removed the 24’ cargo box, shortened the frame, built a custom rear bed and installed a sleeper with bed, sink, running, water, etc. The rear suspension was modified by adding a air ride suspension. The trailer has full living quarters in the front with plenty of room to spare in the rear for the racecar. Look for this unit on the southern California area racetrack circuit.
    This customized Peterbilt tractor is living it’s life pulling a race car based out of Texas all over the USA. We stretched the frame and built a 12’ sleeper box on it.
    The sleeper is accessed from the front of the cab or a rear set of steps with a deck landing and a rear door.
    The interior is custom built with solid oak cabinets, kitchen sink, refrigerator, microwave, toilet and full size home style shower.
    The couch fold out for a sleeping area and there is ton’s of storage for clothes and misc.

The front tank on each side is for diesel fuel and the rear tanks on each side are for the fresh water and gray water.

While at a racetrack the customer wanted all cooking facilities and even a flat screen TV.

    This project starter out as a regular semi trailer and was converted into a full living quarters trailer with the rear cargo area for a race car or motorcycles, or other type cargo. The front of the trailer was insulated and the windows installed. With its hydraulic leveling system it is very easy to set up.
    The right side has a standard house type walk in door leading into the living room and kitchen.
    The living room and kitchen have a sink, refrigerator, microwave, running water, futon sleeper couch and a full size recliner.
    Separate from the living room and kitchen is a separate room that is the bedroom with a full size bed, and bath room with toilet and full size shower. Of course the basics like holding tanks, air conditioning, water heater, etc. are supplied.
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