Hydraulic Stage Rebuilding

Do You have a Wenger Showmobile or Century Showmaster that needs rebuilding? Look at these!

Event Production can take your 20-30 year old unit and make it like new. At a fraction of the price of a new stage, you can get another 20 years or more out of your original investment.
    The Wenger and Century stages are both wonderful stages, however, as with all things, the years take their toll. This is one of our recent remodel projects with the new skin being installed. The frame has been sandblasted, cleaned and all mechanical systems rebuilt.
    After a complete rebuild, this 30 year old unit is given a new lease on life. All the wood and siding is replaced, the frame is strengthened and new axles installed. And to save you set up labor costs, the old manual slide out floor sections are replaced with an electric fold out floor section.

This finished stage is just like new with all mechanical functions brought up to current standards. With new siding and new paint, it is ready for your logo's to be applied.

    This 2nd project is getting the exterior skin removed in preparation for a complete makeover.
    After spending it's life along the ocean, the salt water has rusted it out in many places.
    In truth, this one might have been to far gone to have been practical to rebuild. While the outside may look rough, the underneath was even worse. Perhaps you'll want us to do an evaluation on your unit and give you a fair and through report. No matter how bad the damage, we can rebuild your unit.
    The entire trailer is rotated on its side to gain full and total access to the underside for cleaning, repair, and painting. When finished, we want this unit to last another 30 years. Every bit of the frame is gone over. Many of these old stages require more than just a quick paint job to be called thoroughly rebuilt. The old cable and pulley system that lifted the roof on this unit was totally rusted out. It was a wonder it didn't fall and someone get hurt in it's past life.
    In this picture the new outside plywood is being covered with new smooth style skin. All plywood is painted with Kool seal before the new skin goes on.
    New plywood on the floor and walls. Underneath the floor is painted with Kool seal to make it last longer. Prior to the new floor going in, all the hydraulic hoses and lines are replaced with new.
    In this picture the new siding is on, and the old style pintle hitch has been replaced with a 5th wheel style hitch for much improved towing. Tool box's are being built into the side wall, and heavy screw jacks for leveling replace the old drop down stabilizer legs. New axles, hubs, tires, and brakes replace the old "low speed" donut house trailer type rims.
    The old style corners have been replaced with more modern looking straight line tubing, all screw lines are measured and chalk lined to be straight. Notice the built into the frame tool box to store the power cord and other accessories in.
    The inside now has all the new plywood installed and ready for the first of several coats of paint. The old, thin, factory flooring has been replaced with 3/4 plywood so the floor no longer gives and bounces when you walk on it.
    And here you have it, completely rebuilt and ready for another 30 years of use. The new smooth siding not only makes it look much newer but your graphics will go on easier.
    The lower center of gravity, new 5th wheel hitch, heaver axles and tires make it pull like a dream. Nothing like the original factory units.
    With the one button electric fold down step units, and easier corner leveling jacks the set up process is not only easier but much quicker.
    Imagine what your old stage can be. With all new mechanicals, quicker set up, safer towing, and modern design, you will be pleased you had us refurbish your Showmobile stage.
    This 3rd unit is a 1978 vintage unit that had actually been rather well taken care of. The under structure was sound and the 4 corners that tend to rust out were in great shape. It did need all the hydraulics and lines replaced, the front fold out leveling legs changed to the new style, and the old 5/8 masonite flooring replaced with new 3/4 plywood. It no longer gives and bounces when you walk on the floor. It received all new wiring and ceiling lights, and a storage bay on the right side to store the power cable. The trailer has all new smooth style siding installed, and a 5th wheel style hitch so it is now safe to pull at highway speeds. The old swing door has been replaced with a one piece electric fold down door that is also the steps to enter the stage.

You can see in the picture the new 4 corner leveling screw jacks that are much easier and safer to use then the  original drop down and pin style stabilizers. With the new siding, all new clearance and tail lights and weather seal at the top of the fold out roof, it is ready for another many many years of service.

We will be adding more pictures of additional Wenger and Century stages we are in the process of rebuilding soon.

Please us a call for a complete evaluation of what your old stage needs. Or if you have an old stage for sale, we will buy it from you.

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