Hydraulic Stage Rebuilding Part Two

Do You have a Wenger Showmobile or Century Stagemobile that needs rebuilding? Look at these!

Event Production can take your 20-30 year old unit and make it like new. At a fraction of the price of a new stage, you can get another 20 years or more out of your original investment.
  1   This unit is in the process of being completely rebuilt for The City of Riverdale, New Jersey. The first thing is for it to be dismantled to the frame for cleaning, inspection, repair and paint prior to rebuilding.

This refurbished stage is now ready to deliver and provide many years of usage. Clean, fresh, ready for logo’s to be installed.

An all new tongue, ball hitch and super heavy duty jack. The tongue was extended by 1’ to allow a larger turning radius with a dump truck and not hit the edges of the trailer with the rear of the truck.

  111   Note the new tires and rims and details like the DOT reflector tape.

With the new combination stairs and door, it is now a one-man project to set up.


  1111   The completed unit on the day of delivery to Riverdale, New Jersey.
  New Jersey Stage   Can you believe a unit that is tow able with a pickup! The factory units of the 60’s had the sides of the trailer covered with plywood and real flimsy siding. We have found by adding more steel wall studs and thicker siding, the plywood can be eliminated. The old style slow speed donut or house trailer style rims and wheels were replaced with modern 8 lug truck tires. The pintle hitch was replaced with a gooseneck style 5th wheel hitch. Now this unit is in the safe GVWR weight range and is highway tow able. We believe that we are the only company in the US to be able to provide a Wenger Showmobile that is safe to pull with a pick up truck at highway speeds.
    32' crumpled door before...
    Century front door before...
    Bent jack and lots of rust.
    Century corner being rebuilt and decals sanded off...
    5th wheel hitch being added.
    Here is the finished product!

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