Hydraulic Stage Rebuilding Part Three

Do You have a Wenger Showmobile or Century Showmaster that needs rebuilding? Look at these!

Event Production can take your 20-30 year old unit and make it like new. At a fraction of the price of a new stage, you can get another 20 years or more out of your original investment.
    1967 Wenger showmobile prior to beginning the rebuild process.
    All of the old rotted wood siding and structure are removed.
    After all the siding and flooring is removed the trailer is prepped for the sandblasting phase.
    Removing 40 years of crud, rust and dirt.
    Once the sandblasting begins, it starts to look like new trailer frame.
    With the frame rolled over we sandblast all the hidden area's.
    We have a special lift built so we can roll the entire stage over on it's side.
    All the old paint is removed down to clean fresh metal.
    Any problems with the frame are repaired.
    After 3 coats of primer all new brakes, bearing and hubs are installed.
    All screw lines are chalked straight up and down and sideways.
    The old door and manual stairs are replaced with wider, safer and electric operated new ones.
    The old manual slide out floor sections are replaced with a new style fold down floor.
    The old particle board flooring is replaced with heavy plywood.
    Optional interior plywood finish gets all joints caulked before painting.
    After 3 coats of paint all new LED lights are installed.
    After interior painting all new light fixtures are installed.
    New stair-door sysem is tested.
    New side storage bays house new electric panel and battery.
    New wider door allows for wheel chair lift.
    Non skid floor and wheel chair lift.
    The new fold down floor has super heavy duty leveling legs on the front.
    All new rims and tires are installed eleminating the old donut style rims.
    The old cumbersome drop down legs are replaced with easy to adjust screw jacks.
    New hydraulic valves for roof and floor.
    The new fold down stairs are painted with pickup truck bedliner.
    The completed stage ready for delivery.
    Left rear after painting and new DOT reflector tape is added.
    Rear of stage after lettering.
    Stage back in St. Paul and being lettered, notice the storage bays and large entrance doors.
    Stage in St. Paul after lettering.
    Wheel chair lift in down position.



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