Political Events and Special Events

  From the President of the United States down to a local or state campaign, we have many options for political events. With the ability to provide a wide range of stage sizes and styles from a quick set up hydraulic stage to 1000’s of square feet of decking stage with or without full roof systems, I am sure we will have what you require.
    At this political event we provided over 4000 sq ft of decking stage. Our inventory includes press risers, camera platforms, and ballast containers, many sizes of decking, stairs and handrails.


    This picture shows a smaller 17’ by 22’ stage on the grounds of the Capitol building.
    Not all events need a huge stage as this picture shows. There is plenty of room for speech’s and entertainers on this 17’ by 22’ stage. Even though it is not a huge stage, all the basics are there. It features an extremely solid surface and smooth deck, heavy duty stairs, a full roof for shade and the strength to hold lighting.
    Many times we can take a stage that is portable and light enough to park on the grass at an important location such as the Alabama Capitol building.

Our capabilities include custom building of entrance gates such as we did for the recent PGA golf tournament in Destin Florida.

The event planners needed a dramatic entrance for all the spectators and players to walk through as they entered the course. The entrance gates had to be built strong enough to withstand high winds and rain and be safe. Notice the large amount of space available for sponsor advertising

    Front view
    Side view
    Another side view
    Without Banners


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