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The American Cancer Society holds Relay for Life events all across America and find that our stage rentals are the perfect way to enhance the professionalism of the events. In this picture of the first lap of the North Pensacola Florida Relay, the survivors lead the way to what will be a great fund raiser.


How about a first time Relay at Florida State University that had 60 teams! Talk about success, they beat their goal by over double!


In Mandarin, Florida this 14' by 37' is not only a great functioning stage, but with the Relay for Life logo, it is the main focal point of the event. 


Imagine the impact of a real stage instead of plywood on top of concrete blocks or a temporary uncovered deck. Some relays have even tried the small decks from tent rental companies with a small tent over them. These never end up looking quite right and with the low tent sides and poles in the way, always look and function less than perfect. At this Relay in Pensacola, Florida the staff knows that a professional image and ease of set up is very important. This stage set up was complete in only 20 minutes!


Even if your Relay is at a track with the expensive rubberized running track, our special techniques and methods will not damage the track or the grass.

    Notice the excellent location for sponsor banners as well as the American Cancer Society Banner. We know of several Relay's that actually sell the sponsorship of the stage for thousands more than the stage rental cost. What better way to raise money and in effect, get a stage for free.
    Our portable stages become a people magnet and people will start to gravitate towards the music and lights. Why have your main focal point of the entire event look less than professional? Have your awards, thank your sponsors and dignitaries, in the shade, out of the rain, well lit, and up where you can see them and show them your appreciation.
    No longer will your Relay have to be second class with a homemade stage. The organizers of this first time Relay in Cantonment, Florida knew that to start a new event to do it right from the beginning! No more complaints from your entertainers that they are out in the rain, sun, morning dew and wind. Many of the Relay's have volunteer entertainment, so now you can at least accommodate their needs on a real stage. You can have a clean, neat and affordable stage to upgrade your weekend to the same standards that patrons have come to expect from other fairs and festivals in your area. All this with just one phone call. 1-800-844-9173.

With a 20 minute set up by our delivery driver and absolutely no labor costs from you, imagine not only a stage, but roof, backdrop, skirting, stairs, handrails, and overhead lighting for a truly professional performance. Even a full school youth chorus fits just fine.

    Even at night, the lighting built into the ceiling will make your activities jump out with impact. No more dimly lit tents with less than adequate strings of lights.
    During the summer months we will have units strategically based out of Pensacola Florida, Memphis Tennessee, and St. Louis Missouri. No matter where your town is located, we will have a stage nearby to save on travel costs. Bring your Relay into the state of the art with our fully self contained mobile stages. You'll be glad you did! 1-800-844-9173
    This Vernon, Alabama Relay has, along with many others reserved a stage for the 2004 season. With our current inventory we are capable of handling 5-6 different Relays per weekend depending on location and travel times. Most of our calendar is all ready filled up but we are in the process of adding yet 2 more stage units. Our goal for the 2005 season is to be able to average 8 relays per weekend.
    The new Ocean Springs, Mississippi Relay shows that Relays of all sizes can put our stage units to use. Our smallest Relay has only 10 teams while some of our Relays have well over 100. For 2005 we will be adding a smaller stage that can be rolled across a track or field by hand or with a golf cart as well as a much larger but just as quick stage for the larger events.
    This picture of one of our 14' by 37' units showing that even on a Capitol Lawn, our units do not cause lawn damage. This picture is of the 2004 Celebration at the Capitol that Frieda Posey and the staff of the American Cancer Society put on. This was a great day that put on a Relay type event on the lawn for all the state legislators to get an idea of what the Relay for Life program is all about. A wonderful idea that all states should do!
    Yes, our stages are fit for Governors, Presidents, Vice presidents, political figures of all kinds. This is the Governor of Alabama in front of the State House and Capitol Building in 2004.
    This picture is of one of our units as it arrives at an event. It will be freshly painted , clean, on time, with a helpful friendly driver/operator. This is the same trailer that folds out to become the stage you see on this Relay page.

But don't just take our word for it... call us and we will be happy to supply you with references.  Our mission is  to provide you the client with the ultimate in stage services.  1-800-844-9173

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